Maadhuri R Sharma is a certified nutritionist and counsellor who prescribes in the theory of balance . A balanced mind , body and soul are secret ingredients to a healthy life . Her belief is the foundation on which she creates nutrient rich customised diets. Fad diets that deprive the body of carbohydrates only to pump it up with high protein or fats are not her formula . She believes that weight loss must not only be easily achievable but also sustainable . Nutrition and fitness are her mantras , driving her to achieve high results not only for herself but her clients . Her impressive roster of Indian and International clients will testify that Maadhuri s diets cater to every lifestyle . You can watch her giving nutrition tips on Living It Up With Maadhuri on Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana.

Her philosophy is simple. She believes in the 3 D's: discipline, determination and dedication. With these three elements, nothing is insurmountable or unachievable. It takes 21 days to form a new habit; results ultimately depend on the client's efforts. There's no miracle formula or magic wand; the ideal weight loss plan consists of three main meals and four to six snacks. Every 10 years, there's a 10% drop in our metabolic rates and one shouldn't expect to eat the same as when they were 10 years younger. The aim should be at increasing your metabolism. Increasing one's metabolism isn't rocket science; all one has to do is eat at regular intervals, follow an exercise regime, drink adequate water and get enough sleep. Weight loss isn't a fad or a trend, it's a lifestyle change. After all, as Hippocrates says, "We are what we eat."


Kunal Punjabi

CFO, National Australia Bank

Have you ever wondered what it takes to eat healthy and lose weight without curbing your diet?

Honestly it is simple. You need to find a good nutritionist who is practical, takes personal interest in your diet and allows you to eat almost everything that you normally do.

If you are looking for someone like this Maadhuri Sharma is the person you should blindly go to. Within 3 months my wife and I lost 9 kgs each by consulting Maadhuri who guided us on the quantity of food intake and the kind of food to eat. There was some sacrifice for the initial period with respect to controlling alcohol and sugar till we reached our target and then everything is allowed in moderation.

Maadhuri is extremely well-informed on nutrition and gauges her clients food preferences very quick. Based on medical records she will customise a health and nutrition program that suits your lifestyle and makes your targets achievable. Positivity and spirituality radiate from her personality and this along with her approachable nature makes it very comfortable to deal with her. Maadhuri’s professionalism and dedication to her clients is evident in the way she takes personal interest in each of us, meets us regularly and responds promptly on whatsapp to any questions we may have. So if you are dedicated to lose weight and want to live a nutritious lifestyle trust Maadhuri and let her plan what you will eat for the next few months of your life.

I wish her all the luck and am sure she will inspire many people to Live it Up by clearing your doubts between Myths and Reality!!

Lavina Punjabi


Greetings and good wishes!

I have been to 8-10 different dieticians / nutritionist / acupuncturist / and have been on a see saw with my health and weight, loosing 10-15 kgs after the tough starvation diets / no wheat / no pulses / no oil / no carbs / no food diets and putting on the lost weight back on (maybe more weight) faster....

Maadhuri came highly recommend by a cousin who was eating well but was loosing weight and gracefully staying healthy even after the 3-4 months of the food program.

Maadhuri make you a lot of tests before she takes you on and is very scientific in her approach.

Her method is magical and she is very involved with her clients and is very encouraging when you loose weight and extremely motivating when you don't. She is so approachable & she's very hands on. She's very passionate about her work.

When you follow her lifestyle program you become very time conscious and are also more efficient at your work. You are also very energetic and pepped up as you are well fed.

With her consultations there are no shortcuts and she doesn't promise you the moon and stars. She's very focused and keeps you grounded.

I would highly recommend her and she has worked wonders with us (health / weight / lifestyle) and she has really changed our thinking and approach, even our children are more conscious about what they eat now....

Dr. Geeta Fazalbhoy

Dermatologist, Skin and You

Madhuri has been a pillar of support in my weight loss journey , she has a sound understanding in her methodology to help us eat so the diet seems like just an addition to the normal routine not a difficult change to make with unheard of ingredients and difficult diet plans , I thank her for my weight loss of almost 10 kg ...

Rachel Fikes

Ms.Earth 2016

Weight loss has always been in my vocabulary. In fact, I learned how to suck in my stomach in Kindergarten. I’ve tried everything, healthy and unhealthy. I would always end up starving or gaining the weight back immediately. How have I lost a steady 15 pounds in three months? Well, all I had to do was take a little trip to India. Enter Maadhuri Sharma, Mrs. Earth International and a phenomenal nutritionist. She took my measurements, gave me a meal plan that’s easy to follow, and told me if I really committed myself, I could obtain my goal of losing 30 pounds. Her secret: small and frequent protein and fiber packed meals to speed up my metabolism and give me the feeling of being full longer. I’ve never been able to eat carbs and lose weight, but guess what? I do on this regimen. Maadhuri didn’t just put me on a diet. She gave me control over a new life of healthy eating.